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Music Performance Audition Requirements

All auditions are by appointment. To audition, contact ashill@hollandcollege.com.

You will be contacted following receipt of your application to the program.

Auditions can take place in person or by distance; however, it is highly recommended that you audition in person. 

IN-PERSON Auditions

In-person auditions for the Music Performance program take place in the SoPA Garage, 295 Kent Street, Holland Ƶ Prince of Wales Campus, Charlottetown.

All applicants will complete the Music Theory and Aural Skills Test.


The Music Performance program audition consists of three components:

  1. Music Theory test;
  2. Aural Skills test; and
  3. Performance audition.

Music Theory

You will be asked to:

  1. Recognize basic rhythmic construction: quarter and eighth notes, time signatures, and rests;
  2. Recognize simple rhythmic patterns and identify meters;
  3. Name notes and intervals in both the treble and bass clefs;
  4. Construct major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales; and
  5. Construct or identify intervals within one octave.

Aural Skills

You will be asked to:

  1. Match pitches vocally;
  2. Write the musical notation for rhythms that are played;
  3. Identify simple intervals within one octave;
  4. Identify the type of triad (major, minor, diminished, augmented) played; and
  5. Write the musical notation for a simple melody that is played.


Performance Audition for Instrumental and Vocalists

During the audition, the following will be provided: PA system, guitar amp, bass amp, electric piano, or drum kit, depending on the instrument you play. You will be asked to:

  1. Perform two solo pieces for your major instrument, or voice in the case of vocal majors. These pieces are your choice and should reflect contrasting styles between the two selections;
  2. Sight-read short selections provided during the audition;
  3. Perform the major scales, as well as the harmonic and melodic minor scales (rudiments for drummers); and
  4. For piano, guitar, bass and drum auditions only, demonstrate different styles such as rock, funk, blues and a Latin style.

Note for vocalists – An accompanist will be provided if needed at a cost of $50. Please notify us by emailing ashill@hollandcollege.com in advance if you need an accompanist and bring any music the accompanist will require. A prerecorded accompaniment is an excellent alternative.

Distance Audition

If you are unable to audition in person, you may submit a distance audition.

For the performance component of the audition, please upload your recording to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or another public site, and send the link to us. The Music Theory and Aural Skills exam can be taken online and is available through the Holland Ƶ Dashboard. The exam must be completed first, before the performance component of your audition.

For the performance component, you must:

  1. Perform two pieces of your own choice in contrasting styles;
  2. Perform the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales in at least three keys of your choice; and
  3. For piano, guitar, bass and drum auditions only, demonstrate different styles such as rock, funk, blues and a Latin style.

Distance audition videos should be submitted as soon as possible. If you have any questions or require additional information on the audition itself, please contact ashill@hollandcollege.com.