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Privacy at Holland Ƶ

Holland Ƶ is committed to maintaining and protecting the privacy of our students, clients, and employees. The Ƶ will take every reasonable step to protect the integrity of personal and other confidential information. The Ƶ will not disclose confidential information to any third party outside of the Ƶ unless authorized by law, its policies, or the party to whom the information relates. All employees and students at the Ƶ are expected to follow the Ƶ’s policies, regulations and procedures that govern privacy.

The Ƶ’s Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct () includes a confidentiality section and the Student Code of Conduct () includes a clause covering privacy rights. Board Regulation —Student Rights and Responsibilities— includes several statements that affords students privacy and information access rights.

In addition to the regulations noted above there are several polices, regulations and procedures that address specific aspects of privacy at Holland Ƶ. For more information on each, please follow the links.

The Holland Ƶ Chief Privacy Officer can be contacted by emailing privacy@hollandcollege.com.

Privacy statement for students.